Looking for Aspiring New Writers

This is a call for aspiring bloggers everywhere! Neutrals’ Football Blog are looking for fresh new writers to help to meet the demand of the ever growing football community.

So, Why Join Us?

Well, lots of reasons really. We have a strong team headed by a passionate group of fans, and essentially, if you don’t catch the boat now, it might just be too late for you to join this project. (it will move over to its own domain soon)

What We Are Looking For

  • Commited, passionate bloggers who will consistently provide articles on a once every two weeks – month basis
  • Bloggers who have pedigree – you must show proof that you are indeed capable of producing articles capable of appearing on Neutrals’ Football Blog (send in links when you write your e-mail to me)
  • Reliable bloggers – bloggers who will be able to meet those deadlines, respect the online community and be able to churn out quality articles consistently.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Just send an e-mail over to twoliverpoolfans@gmail.com and you’re ready to go! (Insert title of “New Blogger Application”)


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