Time to Write Off and Make a Fresh Start for Liverpool FC

Good afternoon to you, and here’s just a few Monday thoughts regarding Liverpool FC developments over the past few days.

Firstly, I would like to see us not get involved in those ‘will he-won’t he’ sagas this transfer window. Quite simply, Brendan Rodgers must act quickly, and he must act decisively. He must look all of the players that he has at his disposal, and decide whether they have a part to play in his shakeup of Liverpool FC, as the shift from pass and move to tiki-taka is a change that will come with several complications, with one clear problem here being Liverpool’s lanky number 9, Andy Carroll.

Rodgers must just cut that tremendous wage bill – deciding what to do with Maxi Rodriguez in particular, because he is a big earner, although he is just a bench player who appears once every month or so. Alberto Aquilani and Joe Cole are other examples, with them being on huge contracts with the Merseyside outfit.

In terms of those two, I think that Aquilani has to be given another shot this upcoming season. He has already showed that his fitness problems are behind him with two relatively scot-free seasons with AC Milan and Juventus, whilst he has also showed impressive form. The question remains whether he himself has the motivation to play for Liverpool, however, that problem can surely be solved with some simple reassurance from Rodgers.

Joe Cole, on the other hand, is one that I think we should let go of/just loan him out and let his contract expire. He isn’t going to provide with that high quality service in the long term, and he ain’t going to be enough quality right now either. His age is something that really hangs on me, something that makes me go against keeping Joe Cole beyond the summer, as I think that Liverpool should be looking at the more ‘long term’ here, and Joe Cole obviously doesnt fit into that.

News Tit-Bits

*SURPRISE* from today/yesterday’s papers if I’m just that bit slow. Craig Bellamy has announced that he is apparently ‘desperate’ for a return to Cardiff City for next season. He cited a lack of appearances, and that was personally a surprise to me, as I personally understood his absence from the first XI as something that was caused by his fragility – the fact that he got injured very often. Will bring you guys more developments on that over the next few days.

*UPDATE* According to FootyLatest, Villas Boas is set to test Chelsea over the next few days, with him planning to take Daniel Sturridge with him to White Hart Lane…. for a measly 5 million pounds. Not sure that’s entirely true, but if it is, what are Liverpool doing?

*NEWS* According to the Daily Mail , Liverpool have had a bid for Real Madrid’s Granero

*Rumours* Apparently, Jack Robinson is wanted on loan by a couple of Championship sides. Personally would like to see him get more first team football, although should Johnson/Enrique succumb to any fitness or suspension problems, the Reds will most certainly have to recall or have a backup at the ready.

The last point I would like to make is: do the business early! The lack of actual transfer activity is worrying, and I would prefer to see us with a consistent starting XI – together with a couple of new signings – for the pre-season. Quite simply, players need time to gel and readjust to such a move. I reckon that Rodgers just needs to be a bit more active right now, and just get those deals done quickly.


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